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Re: [IPk] lantus

It sounds as if you are, with all insulins, or with this one in
particular, sensitive to bg levels.  That is, if you are, for example,
10, and 1 unit will drop you to 5, you would think that if you are 15, 1
unit would drop you to 10 - but if you are sensitive, it will only drop
you to, say, 13.  And conversely, if you are 7.5, half a unit won't drop
you to 5, but will drop you to 3.   

So.... have you tried varying the amount of Lantus depending on your
night-time bg?   

Best wishes,


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>Hi! all
>I started using lantus 2 weeks ago, slight improvment in bgs, no nocturnal
> hypo's. But, the big but if my bg is above 7 at bed time it will be above 7
> in morning and just keep rising, if it is below 7 at bedtime it will be low
> all the next day e.g. 2's 3's. Anyone any suggestions
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Pat Reynolds
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