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RE: [IPk] Cozmo Pump

Lots of other pump reviews on this link but as you say lots of people in the
US are very excited about the Cosmo.  I wonder how long it will take to get
to the UK!!!



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> Subject: [IPk] Cozmo Pump
> Hi all,
> Just thought I would share something I discovered from an American friend
> today. There is a new pump due out in the states within the next couple of
> weeks called the Deltec Cozmo.
> It sounds like a fairly cool pump. Along with all the traditional features
> you'd expect it also has a number of new ones. For example it can be
> customised with a message e.g doctors contact number on main pump screen.
> Temporary basals can be programmed either as a percent change or by units
> per hour, rather than just by one of these ways. Boluses up to 25
> units are
> delivered in under a minute (that beats minimed's clunking that goes on
> forever!!!) It has the option to bolus according to carbs eaten - i.e you
> input your conversion factors and it does the calculation of how
> many units
> required for you- useful if you're on a dodgy ration like 1:13 or
> something!
> You can also input data so it will calculate the correct bolus to
> give as a
> correction when you enter your blood glucose. It is designed so that users
> can use it routinely with their PC, to upload settings to it and download
> info from it. Finally it has the option of setting various alerts
> to remind
> you if a meal bolus hasn't been taken when expected to be due, to
> remind you
> to test your blood sugar and to remind you to change your set (like the
> sound of the last one!)
> Does anyone know of any plans to introduce it in the UK? (I'm not
> holding my
> breath!)
> Caroline
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