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Re: [IPk] bad paeds care

Hi Rob,

As you say, I'm only a user - it will take a specialist doctor to give
you the advice you need.  Your GP should be able to prescribe you a
short-acting insulin to treat highs (I think), but he should be really
getting you back to the clinic in the next week or so.  

What, I think, Jackie did with Sacha, is first move from pre-mix to
mixing yourself (i.e. keep with the two insulins in Mixtard (Insulatard
and Actrapid, I think - probably have that wrong), and move cautiously
until you get as good as you can get.  As I've said before, the 'best'
insulin is the one that matches the need - and that's going to be
different for each person. The only way to find out is to experiment.

To get to true MDI, the morning insulatard would be replaced by a lunch-
time actrapid injection (but that might not be necessary). Some
insulatard in the morning might be necessary on mdi - since it might be
needed for basal coverage during the day.

On the highs in the afternoon/evening thing: is she still having an
afternoon snack?  Could she reduce her lunch (e.g. green salad and cup
of clear soup?), and would that keep her bgs level until she got home?

Best wishes,


(dm 30+, 508 1+)

In message <000601c2988f$eae95260$email @ redacted>, Rob Reznik
<email @ redacted> writes
>Hi Pat - thanks for the advice - OK lets say I go to my GP on Wednesday and
>tell him that I wish to put Yasmeen on MDI as a stepping stone to allow me
>to become more familiar with carb counting and the pumps available and buy a
>little more time.
>I've heard that Lantus has been quite good as a basal insulin and although
>only licensed in the UK to adults is available to children with parental
>consent. What would you personally recommend/advise re insulin types for
>MDI. I understand that this will only be your opinion and will not hold you
>to ransom!!
>Can MDI be administered via pens or are separate syringes required.
>Many thanks again
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Pat Reynolds
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