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[IPk] Re: Some questions

Hi Julian.

I relate extremely well to what you say, as I also have epilepsy alongside
diabetes. Fortunately for me, an EEG was clearly abnormal but it is really
not uncommon for EEGs to show no abnormalities in people who clearly have
epilepsy. Just because all tests show up normal, doesn't mean that it isn't

The most popular idea behind epilepsy at the current time is that of
"seizure threshold" Basically every person has a seizure threshold which
represents how much of a given stimulus would be required to produce a
seizure. The lower the threshold, the less stimuli required. People who have
epilepsy are regarded as having a decreased seizure threshold. Lots of
things can act as stimuli for seizures, and these vary between different
people. Low blood sugars are the obvious one, as even those without or a
decreased seizure threshold (or epilepsy) can have seizures if their blood
sugar drops low enough. It could well be that rapid changes in blood sugar
are something which acts as a seizure trigger for you. In my own case, I
tend to have seizures very readily when my blood sugar drops too low (e.g at
around 3.5 - much higher than would normally be expected to cause a seizure
in a non-epileptic) In addition large rapid drops in blood sugar also seem
to trigger them.

By enlisting the help of a friend to test my blood sugar I investigated this
thoroughly during a phase when I was having several seizures a week and we
found that dropping more than around 4-5 points in an hour tended to be
connected to a seizure . And of course there were plenty of seizures that
just weren't associated with blood sugars at all, but at least I knew it
wasn't just my diabetes causing so much trouble, and we could adjust meds to

If you are having seizures relatively frequently, it may be worth trying to
do a similar investigation to find out exaclty what your blood sugars are
doing and see if you can find a pattern. Now that I have identified a
pattern I am careful when correcting high sugars, and I tend to keep 5 as my
lowest level where possible.

Finally are you taking meds to stop the seizures and do you have a

Hope some of this helps and I'm happy to discuss further if you want.


> Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 16:04:00 -0800
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPk] Some questions
> Hi
> I'd like to tell you a litle about things that have happened in my life
since the age of 13 (I'm 38 Now) and see if anyone has a similar sort of
story to tell and then ask a couple of questions.  At 13 I started having
lots of Seizures and the story then was it must be epilepsy. However, EEG's
always showed up negative.  This ruined my school life (you know how other
kids can be)At the age of 18 I went without an attack for over a year and
thought it had finished.  But it started again. The attacks are about 2 or 3
times a month in frequency and are of the Grand mall type.  This of course
makes it almowst impossible to work.  Over my years I have done many daft
things even not mention the attacks, but of course i always get found out..
Doctors can never make there minds up as to whether it's the diabetes or
something else.  I've had all the ussual scans and stuff. But I still seem
to be in the same position as before.  Sometiomes I am a little hight when
these attacks occur!
>  and sometimes low.  I suppose I'd hoped that the pump would put an end to
this, but nothing has changed on that score, apart from not having to eat
afterwards and being able to sleep it off without to much trouble.  Of
course many other things have got better with the pump so I am certainly not
complaining.  Anyway  I hope you get the picture so far.  What I would like
to ask is this:  Is it possible to have reactions to even minor rapid
changes in BG  I.E a quick rise from say 5 to 9 or vice versa.  has anyone
ever experienced this.
> The reason I am posting this is because I realise that this thing has done
much more damage to my life than anything else and I am fed up of just
accepting it and feeling a complete prat everytime it happens.  If there is
anyone out there in similar circumstances or has overcome it all somehow I
would really love to hear from you.
> Julian
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