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RE: [IPk] bad paeds care


Lantus is now being used for children already, there are two or three who
have just started using  it and their parents subscribe to the UK children
with diabetes support list.

I am not quite sure if you meant that you were going to ask directly if your
GP would start your daughter on MDI.  I may be wrong but I don't think a GP
would be feel comfortable prescribing a new regimen without consultation
with your daughter consultant.  I am not sure if it is wise or even if it is
allowed.  Its unlikely that most GP would have the necessary experience of
doing this especially with child patients.  Your best bet if you are not
happy with your daughter current team is to make some inquires about where
you would like to be referred and then ask your GP to refer you.

MDI can be pens or syringes.


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> Hi Pat - thanks for the advice - OK lets say I go to my GP on
> Wednesday and
> tell him that I wish to put Yasmeen on MDI as a stepping stone to allow me
> to become more familiar with carb counting and the pumps
> available and buy a
> little more time.
> I've heard that Lantus has been quite good as a basal insulin and although
> only licensed in the UK to adults is available to children with parental
> consent. What would you personally recommend/advise re insulin types for
> MDI. I understand that this will only be your opinion and will
> not hold you
> to ransom!!
> Can MDI be administered via pens or are separate syringes required.
> Many thanks again
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