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Re: [IPk] morning sugars

Hi Richie
I find that on the days I lie in my BGs are likely to do weird things, but
then those days usually coincide with other factors (such as having been out
drinking the night before, or going to bed very late, or being very tired)
so I can't pinpoint anything in particular. I don't change my basals for
lying in because it's too unpredictable. I used to have a small increase in
my basal between 3am and 7.30am, and then a much larger one between 7.30 and
11.30 am, but at the moment, I've got rid of the first increase and just
have the increase between 7.30 and 11.30.
I think the only way to be sure if it's a prolonged dawn syndrome or a
result of lying in is to test on the days when you get up at the normal time
(but don't have breakfast) and see what happens then.
Let us know your findings anyway!
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> Happy New Year (nearly) to you all!
> Just a question someone might be able to help me with while I am waiting
for the diabetes clinic to re-open. I seem to have got my night time basals
under control by raising my rate from 0.6 during the day to 0.8 from between
4 and 10 am. I wake at about eight these days and lie on till about ten
while checking my sugars every so often. Things seem finr untill about 11 am
when after getting up my sugars rocket by 4 to 5 mmol/l. Is this a prolonged
dawn phen. or maybe associated with the 'stress' response of the body to
being kicked out of bed? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. On the
same point, do people tend to change their basals for lying-in as opposed to
heading off to work early in the morning?
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