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[IPk] Is it really that good ?

Hi both, my 11 year old son went on a pump this August, and for him it
has been that good. He can eat when he likes, and how much he likes, not
have to eat set amounts at set times whether or not he was hungry, he can
get up when he likes and not have a fit or loose consciousness, he has
lost his mood swings(not that he thought he ever had them!) and HIS
personality has returned. He has gained confidence and will go round the
block on his bike( which he had never done on injections, in case he did
not make it back) and he doesn't have the 'low' headaches he used too,
his tummy is also a lot better(not perfect though). His teacher has
commented how he is now able to concentrate and is retaining things he
has learned from one week to the next, whereas on injections when low he
could not take anything in, and when high - well, forget it, he may just
have well been drunk !Before, he was different - now he is only different
because he has this fantastic pump (which other kids think is a bit like
a gameboy).Oh, but he IS missing out on the regular rides he used to make
to the hospital in an ambulance, not that he was always with it enough to
realise he was there, but I am happy these trips no longer occur.Deborah   


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