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Re: [IPk] Help on saving cash on reservoir minimed

HI Donald
This is for the Minimed pumps (which I think you're using?).
Can you fill your reservoir full and still get it back in the pump? If you
can, you're using the long fill method. If you can only fill it half full in
order to get it back in the pump, you're using the short fill method. The
advantage of the short fill method is that the end of the reservoir doesn't
stick out of the end of the pump (which I like because it doesn't dig into
you that way). The advantage of the long fill method is that you can go for
twice as long before refilling. So it doesn't actually svae you money other
way, it's just a convenience thing.
To change from one method to another, there's a little widgit that attaches
to the pump where the reservoir goes. If you pull it out, you can use the
long fill method. It's best if you look in your manual for exactly how to do
it, as it's a little tricky.

If you're using a Disetronic pump, none of this applies.
Hope that helps

> Thanks Di
> This is new to me,  long fill and short fill method, what is this ?
> And what a surprise you kept one in for 2 weeks when on holiday.
> However it looks as if I will be saving some cash.
> Donald
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