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Re: [IPk] Is it really that good?

I am Julian's partner.  I am worried that he is expecting to much from this
Some of the main being constant tiredness, some people would call it just
being lazy.  He also gets irratable often. Sometimes in the past things have
got so bad he has ended up having fits.

Hi Julian and partner,

     Yes we all expect miricles from the pump, and yes some do have miricles
I am 38 IDDM since 1975, I have asthma, high blood pressure, have had
extensive laser treatment to both eyes resulting in some loss of site,
several minor ops due to diabetic problems in 1981 I was involved in a hit &
run in which I was unable to walk properly for 3 years and has left me with
arthiritus, I also have severe neuropathy in my hands and feet and suffer
from bad depression (mood swings) but I'm still going amd since going onto a
pump 2 years ago I've not had any laser treatment as my control is better,
not as good as expected but I don't get the extreme highs and lows in my
sugar readings as I use to.
     You'll find most people in this groups quality of life has improved
since connecting to a pump, and with good control chances of complications
can be reduced.
     In 1992 I was diagnosed as pete male ? which was mild epilepsy and lost
my driving license for 3 years I think its only a year now, they can find
this out through a brain scan.
     Tiredness is often related with high blood sugars, but I get like this
with my depression, and the psyciatrists say tiredness is part of depression
but as I said if your sugars run a bit high this can cause the tirednes.
     As for reading all the info, this pump will be like a new BMW quality,
gadgets you name it, the first couple of weeks its the centre of attention
playing with all the button etc, I was exactly the same  but now its just my
pump (no I havn't got a name for it) I still read up on it and look for
information on pumps, as for consumables my hospital originally paid for my
first H-Tron only one out of a two pump kit which when they are used
alternatly has a life span of two years before it has to be serviced, the
D-tron is once every four years. I was also being funded by the hospital but
that has now stopped as for the D-Tron being dearer per year I think its a
better machine and also your not paying for the syringes and needles which
are quite a cost and as I mentioned your havn't got the agro of the setting
up of them.

Best regards

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