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Re: [IPk] D Tron/H Tron

> Can anyone tell me what is included with the D Tron/H Tron STARTER
KITS.The info from the info leaflet is very vauge.  I'm worried it's a case
of "Batteries not included" etc.

Hi Julian,

     I started on an H-tron two years ago and have changed to a D-Tron last
week, don't worry the batteries do come with it and I'm sure whoever trains
you will kindly give you some extra's, also Disetronic do an excellant
service with bits and bobs normally arriving next day.
     They have an excellent back up service e-mail, phone, fax & mobiles
I've never had any problems at all, if your funding it yourself I would go
for the D-Tron mainly because you can get the insulin in pre-filled
cartridges, which believe me I always use to find a real pain in the arse,
getting rid of the bubbles when loading the syringes, priming etc with the
D-Tron its automatic priming.
     As to the best sites most people in this group use their stomach
because of absorbtion of insulin, and its probably the easiest place to
connect it to, so come on don't be a wimp stick it in.
     Crinkly tubing? never, as Melissa said (in the buff) thats me, I just
chuck it in the bed next to me I sometimes get wound up in it as I use the
long tubing or you wake up with a pretty imprint on your body where you've
slept on it, I've never had a tub crease or buckle up on me.
     You'll find most people in the group use minimed's I can't say I
honestly know much about them, If you want the address and number of
Disetronic so you can contact Estelle let me know. Anything else just ask.

For the rest of the group YUK YUK I had to have my abcess cut out, but just
for reference it might help some people the antibiotics they used on me
previous and now to clear up this kind of infection, are Fucidin 250mg &
Doxycycline 100mg. No side affects and very compatible with alll the other
medications I have to take.

Best regards

Dave :- ))
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