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Re: [IPk] Sleep Time


I generally clip the pump to the waistband of a pair of shorts worn as part of
a pyjama set.  I've known men to sleep in boxers so there's a not-too-tight
waistband to which to attach the pump.  If you generally sleep in the buff,
however, I don't know what to advise other than placing the pump beside you
when you go to sleep and hoping for the best.  It really is hard to get in a
position that totally kinks up the tubing so the insulin can't get through,
but it's even harder to sleep through the alarms the pump will sound when
there's no delivery!  If you share a bed or a room with someone else, she or
he will no doubt hear the alarms even if you manage to sleep through them for
a while.  On the other hand, tearing out a set in your sleep won't cause a
pump alarm to sound, but could result in a bit of a crisis in the morning.
Humalog wears off fast, and your bg could soar in 3 hours, especially if you
have dawn phenomenon going on too.  However, in five+ years of pumping, I
can't recall tearing out a set by rolling around, probably because the pump
was clipped to my waistband so that my tubing couldn't get wound around me and
end up tugged too hard.  The adhesive used for sets is much stronger than that
of most plasters I've encountered, but it's not superglue.

Hope that made sense,

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