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Re: [IPk] Cathator Life

>Does anyone have similar experience, and is there anyone with many
>years of pumping behind them who can enlighten me about the
>long-term effects on theskin?

Tony -

I use Tenders (which is the same as a Silhouette - it's flexible and can go in at a shallow angle) and I change every 2 or 3 days. My main "logic" for doing this is that I expect to be pumping for many years yet, and I want to keep my infusion sites in good condition. The longer you leave an infusion set in place, the worse the scarring damage is under the skin in the fat. You can't see it, but next time you revisit near that point the insulin may be absorbed less predictably - which is not a good thing.

I've also read that metal needles cause a lot more tissue damage under the skin than the flexible plastic ones. I know several people who have pumped for a long time (>15 years) who report taking breaks from pumping because of absorbtion problems, but that may be because of metal needle damage. I don't know.

I also have fairly sensitive fair skin, and after a few days the site can get mangy and red. I'm told this is not an infection, but rather an allergic skin response, and rigorous cleaning doesn't prevent it.

That's why I change regularly and frequently. I'm thankful that I now get my sets for free. When I used to pay for my sets, and money was tight, it was always a tough decision.

Anyhow, Happy Christmas everyone :-)

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