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[IPk] re: sugar sugar everywhere

I'm most surprised that any child gets initiated on a once daily regime
nowadays. I thought that this regime was virtually obsolete. I suppose that
if she's "honeymooning" it may give adequate control.

Back to the chocolate issue. I recall an article in Balance actually
acknowledging that it is a low GI food, but shouldn't be used regularly as a
snack due to the high fat content. A far healthier outlook, by not
forbidding any food but stating the importance of an overall healthy diet.
I'm surprised a diabetes consultant can be so narrow minded. It seems almost
as if the issue that problems arise from abnormal levels of glucose in the
blood, rather than necessarily, ingestion of glucose, is being overlooked.
It's interesting that many people, medical and non medical, wouldn't bat an
eyelid if you ate a large portion of pie, beans and chips say 120g carb, but
if you were to eat a healthy meal of fish and salad, with a small portion of
bread, and then indulged in one or two chocolates or a small ice cream....

The kind of attitude displayed by this consultant surely culminates in
rebellion and denial. He is probably the type that believes that all badly
controlled DMs are poorly controlled due to dietary non compliance. Ie
typical punitive attitiude of some of the less enlightened of our profession
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