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[IPk] follow up to urgent request

Hi all -

Just an update: my partner's cousin (who is 6 1/2, not 5 - where did that 18 
months go to?) was indeed diagnosed with diabetes - Bg on admittance 33.1 
mmol. So I now have two diagnosis anniversaries in my diary - hers and mine.

Thanks for the replies - I have finally ordered that book, Ingrid, one for 
them and one for me. Melissa, that was a lot of typing! But I wasn't very 
clear - I was looking for details of any tests they might perform to test 
beta cell function, other than the c-peptide. And Tony, I am with John on 
this - your cure in seven years is to me a holy grail. By all means let's 
try and find it, but let's also do everything we can now to prevent 
complications in future. And as she's been sent into the big bad world on 
one shot a day, she'll need all the extra tools she can get. My agenda is 
trying to get us all the tools we can get to help us prevent those 
complications - that's all! And my experience of diabetes is that the more 
agendas you're introduced to, the more likely you are to find the tools that 
help keep you together. So, Julian (from another thread), my advice would be 
to scan those research papers from far far away, because you may find what 
you need there and your locals mightn't be working on it at all.

I was happy to hear that the cousin's asthma/eczema management is going to 
be taken over by her diabetes consultant. They're expecting to reduce her 
steroid usage. I don't know anymore details than that. Of course, it would 
probably help if her parents were stricter on the milk issue, but they have 
a lot of things to deal with at the moment.

But wait! There's more, which I'll include under separate cover.


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