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[IPk] Bolus for alcohol?

Many thanks for all your comments on overnight basal rates. Things are going great now. I read somewhere that the dawn phenomenon occurs during the latter two stages of sleep so waking up every two hours to check blood glucose restricts the time spent in this deepest sleep and probably doesn't reflect a true nights sleep. I restricted waking to 3 o'clock and seven o'clock which showed that I needed to increase my basal between these two times - there was nothing to panic about really!

With christmas coming up my dietitian was asking me about practices when drinking alcohol. She was shocked when I said I took a couple of units for every pint or two of beer (Carlsberg) as the night goes on. I said this was preferable to coming home ith a BG of 16 and having to take a large correction bolus before collapsing into bed with alcohol on board and all its overnight ramifications. I thought I was being sensible!  Does anyone else do this?
(I have not been boozing since converting to the pump)
Richie Walsh (new pumper)
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