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Re: [IPk] overnight basal rate

Hi Richard -

Certainly talk with your pump support team, and I hope you're getting more
meaningful results. Don't fret if you don't get perect results in the 1st
week - you may be surprised how long the body can take to settle in to a
new regime, pockets of long acting insulin may still be lingering, and your
insulin sensitivity may still be changing daily.

And don't overlook the obvious. For example, I had crazy bg's yesterday.
I've had a mild winter bug all week, which unusually for me required lower
basal rates. Yesterday I seemed to be mild hypo most of the day, no matter
how much glucose I ate or how low I set my insulin. I went to bed, and woke
at 5am bursting to go to the loo. I checked my bg - 18! I took 4 units for
correction, went back to bed, and woke at 9am with a bg of 7.5, which was
fine. So the bug has perhaps been changing my insulin needs and I can't
predict this - I just have to respond as best I can.


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