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Re: [IPk] overnight basal rate

I have to both agree and disagree with other people's responses.
you should be getting a lot of expert help and support in the first
days on the pump.
but..in my experience (3 years on the pump), fasting and monitoring
both by night and by day, can have an effect on insulin requirements. 
Contrary to what is written in the books, there are at least some
people for whom this happens (I am one of them, and have corresponded
with others).
You should of course check carefully all other possible sources for the
problem, e.g. could there have been delayed absorption of a meal high
in protein and or fat which you ate the evening before, rebound after a
hypo or some other explanation - and here the experience of
professionals could really help you identify things - we just don't
always see ourselves things which another person, and particularly an
experienced professional, may see quickly.
Good luck

> I was wondering your every two hour wake up call to test B.G. did you
> do it
> only one or did you try it over a few different day ( not one after
> the
> other)
> I am new to the pump too and have been on it for over 9 weeks and I
> am
> getting a good reading over the nights.
> Keep trying and you will get it,  don't give up.
> Also keep your nurse informed of your readings are and work with
> he/she.
> Good Luck.
> Donald
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> Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 8:58 PM
> Subject: [IPk] overnight basal rate
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I am sorry if I bore you with a question that has probably been
> asked many
> times before by new pump users but I was wondering if anyone had any
> thoughts on the following please. I am just new to the pump and am
> trying to
> sort out my night time basal rate. When waking up every 2 hours
> things seem
> to be going very well with a variation of only 1 or 2 mmol/l but when
> I
> sleep through the night I am waking up at 16 - 18! Does the waking up
> to
> test disturb the normal sleep patterns/circadian rhythm/hormonal
> output that
> lead to the dawn phenomenon (which I experienced strongly on
> injections)?
> Any thoughts are most welcome.
> >

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