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[IPk] Insulin strength

>What's 400 strength insulin please? Just checking.
>Is that 4x normal concentration - 400iu/ml?

Yes. If you regard "normal" as 100iu/ml... In the good old days (creak!) it
was U20, U40 or U80. I seem to remember I used U40. It meant you had to use
a syringe marked with the right scale for your insulin strength. Plenty of
scope for hard-pressed hospital staff to grab the wrong syringe in a hurry,
and give someone an overdose.

About 1985 I think they converted UK to U100. In France and Germany U40 is
still widely used. Aparently it is absorbed more consistently than the U100
stuff. But noone knew that when Britain made the big change.

My pump (MiniMed 507) can also be programmed to speak in U40, U50 or U100.
Diluter insulins are preferable if you are on a low basal rate for example
- you get greater accuracy.

I remember reading about these implantable pumps a couple of years ago.
MiniMed and Disetronic both have working pumps, but one major problem was
finding an insulin that had a long enough shelf life at body temperature,
and didn't crystalise and block the system. I seem to remember Hoechst (now
Aventis) developed a special implantable pump insulin.


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