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Re: [IPk] RE: was urgent info request re: children - now cure

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 20:00, you wrote:
> I'd thought we used industrial spirit, not surgical spirit, because s.s.
> had an additive which meant that it couldn't be drunk, but which might
> react with insulin (or gunk the syringe up?), so the 'purer' i.s. was
> used.  How do you methelate spirit?  Is it a production or post-
> production technique - how does it differ from s.s. and i.s.??
> Best wishes to all
> Pat

Hi Pat
I certainly used both (or rather, either) surgical spirit or industrial 
methylated spirit. Both smelt as if they had the same additive (it stank to 
high heaven, and I still can't stand the smell now!). You were supposed to 
swab the area you were about to inject with a bit on the end of some cotton 
wool too. Bad idea, because it hardens the skin, but in those days they 
thought you needed to disinfect the area first.
My friends thought it was great that I could get it on prescription though, 
because we all used it for keeping our pierced ears and earrings clean!
My dad still has some, because he only switched from glass syringes to 
disposable ones about 2 years ago!

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