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[IPk] Pump funding (New info)

We have just written to Ms Jacqui Smith MP with copies to Paul Streets,
(Diabetes UK) and Adrian Saunders MP who is the chairman of the All Party
Parliamentary Group on diabetes. Part of that letter reads as follows:

"As at this moment in time, 59 health authorities have decided that the
efficacy of the insulin pump warrants inclusion in their funding budgets for
diabetes, whilst others sit on the fence "awaiting NICE guidance".
Unfortunately, NICE guidance will not be forthcoming until April 2003.

There is a clear case of "Post Code" prescribing currently being adopted by
the National Health Service. In addition, for those with diabetes who are
unfortunate enough to live in an area where funding is not available, there
is another discrepancy. The same infusion sets used for insulin pump therapy
are also used in other treatments and are being funded by the NHS. These

Continuous Diamorphine for pain control.
Infusion of Desferol for the treatment of chronic asthma.
The treatment of Thallasemia.
Heparin Infusion.
Hormone Infusion.
Anti-Emetic Infusion.
Subcutanuous Re-Hydration.

It is estimated that about 60-70% of infusion set usage is into non-diabetes
markets and is being funded by the NHS. It would seem that not only do we
have "Post Code" prescribing, but we have discrimination against diabetics
as well."

To those of you still trying to get funding, bear this in mind, you may at
least get your consumables funded if you apply enough pressure. If you need
any help just contact me on: 01590 677911.


John Davis,
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