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[IPk] RE: was urgent info request re: children - now cure

I'd thought we used industrial spirit, not surgical spirit, because s.s.
had an additive which meant that it couldn't be drunk, but which might
react with insulin (or gunk the syringe up?), so the 'purer' i.s. was
used.  How do you methelate spirit?  Is it a production or post-
production technique - how does it differ from s.s. and i.s.??

Best wishes to all


Asker of stupid questions, too busy writing term lists of Dutch gable
types to go and find a library, dm 30+, 508 6months+)

In message <email @ redacted>,
Smith, Beverley <email @ redacted> writes
>Gosh Tony
>A cure within 7 years?  That sounds unbelievable (or perhaps
>I won't let myself believe it).  I guess when I was first
>diagnosed (24 yrs ago) I used to have to boil my syringes
>every night and drop tablets and urine into a test tube and
>watch it change colour.  Progress is swifter than you realise
>until you think back.  I can remember when I was allowed to
>carry my syringe (metal and glass) in a portable carrier
>immersed in methylated spirit and I did not have to boil it.
>I thought it was fantastic (actually I might have thought it
>was fantastic because of the amount of meths I was
>unwittingly injecting myself with every day!).
>I hope you are right (more so for my children than me - they
>are OK so far but it is always at the back of my mind that
>they may not be so fortunate as I).
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