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Re: [IPk] Smashing

>I've broken 3 insulin pens... I dropped and smashed the knobbly button

>sticks out on the original NovoPen Classic.  Haha.  I had one of those,
a brushed silver job.  First of all the end sticky out black bit chipped
off step by step until there was only the stalk of it left.  Then it
"bent" in my pocket so that the insulin cartridge inside was cracked.  No
idea how that happened but it did ... twice!  That put me off pens for
years, I used to exist on disposable syringes instead and keep them so
long that all the measurment markings were worn off.  Happy
days....(not)... KatharinePS sorry about this....my pump was named by my
husband and is known to all as The Pancreas.


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