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[IPk] urgent info request re: children

Hi all -

My partner's five year old cousin has just been taken to hospital with 
suspected diabetes. I have a few questions about things beyond my current 

1) Are there illnesses other than diabetes that young children get that 
include symptoms such as intense thirst, etc.?

2) This five year old child is on daily adult doses of steroid inhalers, 
plus steroid creams in order to control asthma and eczema. She has been on 
these dosages for some time: at least a year. I am, therefore, thinking 
about steroid-induced diabetes. Questions:

-if her diabetes is steroid induced, will her pancreas still be producing 
-if her diabetes is steroid induced, will reducing or eliminating her 
steroids (if at all possible) improve her blood sugars
-what should the doctors be looking for in order to determine whether her 
diabetes is steroid induced

3) Because of the above, I am thinking about her current level of beta cell 
function. What tests should her medical team perform in order to determine 
whether her beta cells are still producing insulin (other than the c-peptide 
test, which I know about)?

4) What tests should be routinely performed in a case of suspected diabetes 
in a child?

5) Can you provide me with a list of the best books about children and 
diabetes? I am looking in particular for books that explain good management: 
carb counting, matching insulin doses, different insulin regimes, etc.?

6) Can anyone suggest a resource that details the pros and cons of different 
insulin regimes with regard to children?

7) If there's anything I've forgot to ask, please let me know!

If you are replying to my mail, could you copy your reply to 
email @ redacted? I receive the digest, but I would like to receive 
your mail as soon as you respond.



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