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[IPk] pregnancy

when I was working in obs and gynae, I think a policy had recently started
that if the mother was not experiencing problems with control and labour was
anticipated to be short, women would remain on their normal injection regime
( there were no pregnant women on pumps). Personally I would have preferred
to be on an intravenous sliding scale than have a huge depot of insulin for
all that strenuous exertion but many women found being attached to a drip
threatening. It seems odd that they are talking about putting you on a
sliding scale when the hospital is enlightened enough to consider pumps in
the first place and this is not an illness situation. I thought the idea
with anything connected with birth was to make things as non threatening as
possible. I would certainly challenge it if you are not happy, and I don't
know if legally they could force you to come off of the pump.

I think , more importantly, would they try to put you back on injections
after delivary, while you were in hospital and fully able to look after
yourself. If so, I really feel this is an unacceptable situation and should
be refused.

I still find it hard to understand, while in this day of supposed patient
choice abd automony, some of the most capable and exprienced patients are
dissuaded from making their own treatment decisions
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