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[IPk] pregnant pumping

Please help!
I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and have been on a minimed pump since
March 2001. So far I have had no severe hypos / DKA, no pregnancy
complications and blood sugars have been well controlled (last HbA1c 4.6).
Despite this, my hospital (Maidstone) seem determined to follow their normal
policy for diabetic mums (apparently I'm the first one to be on a pump) -
1. labour to be induced at 38 weeks (though I have been told that the
increased risk of stillbirth only starts after 40 weeks if sugars are well
2. the pump to be removed for labour and a sliding scale insulin and glucose
drip used instead, (the midwives have no experience of pumps though my husband
plans to be there to monitor my sugar and adjust rates as necessary)
3. the baby to spend its first 24 hours away from me in a special-care unit
for monitoring (I have been told that this policy is because they are short
staffed on the postnatal ward, but surely they could do a heel prick every few
hours when they check that I'm not going hypo? - it worked ok with my first 2
(born pre-policy) who didn't go hypo. Also I am hoping to start breastfeeding
every 3 hours rather than having to express.)
I realise that things don't always go to plan and I would obviously put the
baby's health before my wishes, but their policy seems a bit inflexible. So
far some doctors and one of my DSNs agree with me and are trying to persuade
others but it seems unlikely that they will succeed. Has anyone had similar
experiences? Am I justified in challenging the hospital policy? - if so, has
anyone any advice?
Tessa Protheroe (email @ redacted)
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