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Re: [IPk] Statistical Software Required

I do all of these things and more very easily using Excel - which I
think (but as someone who has written programs as part of my work for >
30 years, it is difficult for me to judge) requires very little
programming skill.

Either you can enter your bg data directly into Excel, or it is very
easy to get any data from a text file on the computer into Excel -
there is a feature for converting text data into columns.
The statistical functions are there at the press of a button - and once
you have defined the durations you want, it is very easy to copy and
paste the function definitions, including the number of values which
you want to put into the average, and make them into moving averages.
The spreadsheet I have set up includes 1-week and 4-week moving
averages and standard deviations, % values within stricter and less
strict target ranges in each 1 and 4 week time period, graphs for each
4 week time period and more.  And once I set all these things up (and
occasionally add further bells and whistles) all I have to do is a
couple of key strokes occasionally to copy and paste things to add
another few months' calculations.  This suits me personally better than
any general purpose DM software options I have seen - although I got
some very good ideas from them.

If you would like further details, feel free to ask.
Subject: [IPk] Statistical Software Required

Does anyone know of any software that will let me generate the 

* Graph of moving average of blood glucose measurements, with the 
period defined either as a number of readings, or a number of days.

* Graph of standard deviation of blood glucose measurements, again with

"sample" period defined either as a number of readings, or a number of 

I have data with exact recording times in either world or American 

I could write my own software, but it would take a couple of weekends 
to put
a decent interface on it, and I thought there might be something out 

My normal upload software is Medisense Precision Link 2.2, which isn't 

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