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Re: [IPk] Mind Warp: Pump side effects

>I think it goes along with naming your car..... I know a lot of women who
>give their car a name. I have to say I have never given my pump a name and
>am never likely to....

My pump is called "my pump". Does that count?

But my 20-month-old son is obsessed with my diabetes kit. He worked out how
to do boluses several months ago - not exactly hard: he could see what
buttons I was pressing, and loves the muscial beeping noises he can make it
make. But he's also fascinated with my bg meter. I have had to put child
locks on my bedside drawer to stop him coming into the bedroom in the
morning and pulling the meter apart.

A frind of mine calls her dishwasher Moab. I believe there is a biblical
reference there. Answers on a postcard. (And did you know that 1 Samuel 14
v24- describes a hypo? Well I never...)


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