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Re: [IPk] Mind Warp: Pump side effects

Hi Julian,

I wouldn't worry too much about people naming their pumps - my name for my 
car was the little grey mouse, so we are all a little strange!

Good luck,


>From: Julian Doncaster <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IPk] Mind Warp: Pump side effects
>Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 19:50:13 -0000
>I'm worried chaps.
>There I was happily thinking about pump trials et al, then I logged into 
>American pumpers list and find....
>a whole thread about *names* for your pump.
>Anthropomorphising cats ("husband substitute") or dogs ("we are very 
>is one thing .... but an electronic box of tricks (albeit an important
>electronic box of tricks) makes me worry slightly.
>Can anyone tell me how many people this happens to? What are my chances of
>having a pump without starting to call it Humpty-Pumpty, or Counsellor 
>or Woofles? I note (with some relief) that this seems to be a largely
>feminine phenomenon, but may I still be vulnerable?
>I can see real trouble further down the line when pumps start having
>Ananova-like holographic interfaces, or start to remind us to take our 
>in dulcet Thatcherite or Blairite tones ("You have not achieved your bg
>target today - take 100 lines").
>How long before we start getting 12 step courses "Escape from Pump
>Co-dependency", or books "How to date without upsetting your pump" ("Hello
>I'm Julian and this is my pump Joephine, would you like to make up a
>threesome?"). Never mind the books that may emerge: "On the stump with your
>pump" by A.Politician.
>Obviously with not enough useful things to do tonight.
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