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[IPk] Mind Warp: Pump side effects

I'm worried chaps.

There I was happily thinking about pump trials et al, then I logged into the
American pumpers list and find....
a whole thread about *names* for your pump.

Anthropomorphising cats ("husband substitute") or dogs ("we are very close")
is one thing .... but an electronic box of tricks (albeit an important
electronic box of tricks) makes me worry slightly.

Can anyone tell me how many people this happens to? What are my chances of
having a pump without starting to call it Humpty-Pumpty, or Counsellor Troi,
or Woofles? I note (with some relief) that this seems to be a largely
feminine phenomenon, but may I still be vulnerable?

I can see real trouble further down the line when pumps start having
Ananova-like holographic interfaces, or start to remind us to take our doses
in dulcet Thatcherite or Blairite tones ("You have not achieved your bg
target today - take 100 lines").

How long before we start getting 12 step courses "Escape from Pump
Co-dependency", or books "How to date without upsetting your pump" ("Hello
I'm Julian and this is my pump Joephine, would you like to make up a
threesome?"). Never mind the books that may emerge: "On the stump with your
pump" by A.Politician.


Obviously with not enough useful things to do tonight.
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