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Re: [IPk] Funding of pumps and consumables

I know we all have a good moan about funding and yes it is very important,
but i would like to point out I am not working and have recently lost all
funding from my hospital, but I now having to fund and purchase my new
D-Tron but I don't mind as I never want to go back to the control I use to
have to suffer, I also look at it that as I don't smoke and can no longer
have a bevvy, its only money I would have frittered away.
     I expect eventually there will be funding for diabetics but as often it
will be to little to late but I feel we must also take some of the
responsibility ourselves maybe this may seem outspoken but if we wanted a
new car or kitchen we wouldn't bat an eyelid, but a pump?, in third world
countries they are probably lucky for basics let alone a pump and the
freedom it gives.
     I don't want to upset people with my comments but I feel that we have
to take control ourselves to prove that pumps are a fully viable

Best regards

Dave  :--)))))
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