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Re: [IPk] batteries

>Has anyone here had any problems with batteries recently

Hi Abigail -

How long had you been using these batteries? Is it just bad luck that
they'd both reached empty at about the same time?

Certainly exposing them to damp air, and handling them with our usual moist
hands, will drain away that last little bit of electricity. A friend of
mine who uses a hearing-aid tells me that it is usual to get far less life
from batteries when the air is warm and damp, rather than dry and cold. So
storing them in a cold dry place like a fridge is meant to be beneficial,
but once they are in the air-tight battery compartment of your pump, I
don't suppose it makes any difference.

Having said that, in 4 years I've had no problems with unexepected battery
failure. You're using the special Disetronic branded batteries I presume. I
get a box of 12 Energizer 357HD pre-packaged in my MiniMed reservoir box.

And I've never worked out why battery manufacturers can get away with *not*
telling us how much electricity they are selling us. (And why chocolate and
coffee manufacturers get away with *not* telling us how much caffeine is in
the product.)


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