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[IPk] batteries

Has anyone here had any problems with batteries recently
I decided to switch over to my other pump today (H tron). After
reprogramming the basal rates ( which have changed considerably since I wore
it last) setting the time and priming the infusion set I got an alarm code
saying electronics error. I took out the batteries( which I'd switched over
from the other pump) and put them in again. Then got an alarm saying low
motor battery. I changed this and it then said low electronics battery,
After changing this it said low motor battery again and then went dead. I
finally sorted it out with 2 new batteries. I tried some of the "faulty"
ones in the other pump but got similar messages. Not sure whether I just had
managed to get hold of several bad batteries or whether some problem with
the other pump destroyed them. I forgot to mention that one had an expiry
date on for October, but the others were in date. Needless to say I,m now
nervous as I have only 2 spare pairs and feel that I need twice this amount
in case of a similar occurence. also wondered whether it makes any
difference which order you put the batteries in. I has a similar problem
with batteries a couple of months ago
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