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[IPk] pumps and travelling

I travel occasionally long-distance (I've been twice to the US in the 
last year, and like John, went to NZ about 10 years ago but my 
control was so bad then it wouldn't have made much difference 
what I did!). Anyway, I now routinely do what John described about 
resetting the pump to the lowest basal rate. It sounds very odd but 
it works very well for me. Going to the US - 5 hours time difference -
 seems to take about 2 or 3 days until I need to reset my basals 
back to normal. Though I found my body clock was completely 
screwed on my return - probably because I don't have to work 9-5 
here, although I did when I was away. Combined with serious lack 
of sleep for the week after I got back (which seems to send my 
BGs skyhigh). But whatever you do, it's definitely a lot easier with 
a pump - I remember travelling to Africa about 10 years ago, and it 
was a nightmare trying to get my Bgs to resemble anything normal 
- though altitude sickness didn't exactly help.  

Incidentally, I'm off to Norway in a few weeks' time (work again) -
does anyone have any warnings/advice/things I should know about
wearing a pump in very cold temperatures? I'm presuming that the
buildings will be heated  so I can't really imagine why I'd have a
problem - especially since I usually keep my pump close to my 

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