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Re: [IPk] travel and basal rates

>can anyone give me any advice on adjusting basal rates and long distance
>travel ie to New Zealand where they are twelve hours ahead of us?.I would be
>grateful for any advice or tips.

Karen - I've not done long distance travel since going on the pump, but
what others have described is this:

Lets assume you have 4 different basal rates. When you get on the plane,
set all the rates to the lowest rate (but leave the times as they are). You
can then change your pump clock to local time whenever you like on the
journey. It makes no difference. Test your bg frequently on the journey
(every 2 hours, say) and take correction boluses to bring your bg down if
it's high. It's unlikely to go low, since your basal rate is as low as your
body ever needs normally.

When you arrive, the fun starts. You'll have jetlag. It's likely that your
insulin requirements won't stabilise until you get over the jetlag - ie
until your body's own internal hormonal clock settles down to the new
sunrise/sunset times. As this happens, you should slowly raise your basal
rates to what they were previously, but be cautious, and take correction
boluses as necessary.

And of course, coming home you do the same thing all over again.

I last went to New Zealand about 10 years ago. I seem to remember it took
about 5 days till I was naturally waking and sleeping and the right time.
But my diabetes control was in any case so dreadful I just kept on taking
the injections and didn't worry about it.

My wife was in Tokyo for a few weeks last year. When she got home, for
nearly 2 weeks she would get up at 2am and have a cup of tea and bowl of


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