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[IPk] Pumps and Travelling


Sorry about the slow reply - work seems to have taken on 16 hour day,
pre-Xmas proportions.

My usual basal is:

12:00 - 3:00 - 1.2u
3:00 - 6:30 - 1.5u
6:30 - 8:30 - 0.6u (when I am exercising - still coming down!)
8:30 - midnight - 1.1u

Flying out, I left the UK at 1:00pm - had lunch (4u), an afternoon tea
(somewhat glamorised term!) (2u) and then landed in Detroit at 9:00pm our
time.  Changed my pump time to reflect local time (-5hrs).  I then had my
evening meal bolus (7u - lots of Oreos!) at 8:00pm local time.  BG's all day
varied from 5m/m - 8m/m.

For coming back, I left Detroit at 6:00pm - had evening meal (5u) at 7:00pm,
and then changed my pump time to UK time (+5hrs) at about 8:30pm.  Then
landed into UK at 7:00am UK time - with a BG of 5.6m/mol.

I did not actually change the basal rates only delivery times.  

If that does not make sense, please do get in touch.

IDDM 20 yrs 
Minimed pumper - 9 weeks

> Hi Audrey
> I'd be interested to know in more detail what you did (basal wise -
> food and boluses shouldn't be affected by the time zone - the beauty of
> the
> pump!) e.g. your normal basal rates, the time difference you encountered
> and at what times you made the changes.
> Thanks
> Di
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