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Re: [IPk] How to get pump funding...

I am currently in the position about enquiring for funding for either a) the
pump b) just the consumables c) the whole lot (hopeful I know!!).  From the
feedback I have received from my local hospital it seems unlikely that my
Health Authority will fund the cost of the pump.  Therefore I would be
extremely grateful for any advice you could provide on PCG funding.  My pump
is my new best friend and I would hate to lose it - what a difference from
23 years of four injections a day.  Thanks for any help you can give.

Kate Groves
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> First, you must obtain the backing of your diabetes team and/or your GP.
> them to support your request in writing, stating the reasons why the pump
> will be beneficial to you. The best reason is, "On the grounds of clinical
> need." Our experience has shown that, "A Better Quality of Life," is not
> accepted by most Health Authorities as a valid reason for changing to a
> pump.
> Be prepared to show that you have been doing your best to control your own
> diabetes. Consultants see many patients who present a blood stained
> with very few BG readings, and who have no explanation as to what they
> been doing, or why.
> Documentary evidence you will need:
> A detailed log of your control, prior to starting pump therapy. This
> include, levels of HbA1c, number of Hypo's, any Ketones in urine, days off
> sick, hospital visits, hospitalisation, etc. Insulin usage, any
> complications, medical or social problems.
> If you are on a pump, do the same for the period you have been on the pump
> and then chart the results, do it the way you feel most comfortable with.
> After all, you are the one who will have to present it. If you can
> the information from your BG meter and provide graphs, so much the better.
> Be prepared to answer questions about abnormal readings.
> You will also need copies of relevant clinical studies that have been
> undertaken, these can be obtained from us, free of charge.
> Where to obtain funding:
> First. Your Local Health Authority, write to the Chief Executive or the
> Consultant in Public Health. We have written to all of them, but check
> us first, we may know the criteria your authority applies. We will also
> supply you with a copy of the letter sent to your authority.
> Second. Your local Primary Care Group, (your GP will have the details).
> may find that your PCG will only want to fund the supplies element of pump
> therapy, e.g. Infusion sets, etc., although many are beginning to fund the
> pump as well, again check with us.
> If you still cannot get funding contact us, we have many avenues and may
> able to help.
> We can also help with the writing of your letter, we have successful
> experience in this and are willing to assist you if required.
> The list of Health Authorities and Primary Care Groups that will assist in
> funding pumps grows daily, so keep in touch and please do let us know how
> you get on.
> John Davis.
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