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Re: [IPk] Overnight basal

>Latest update... by mid-morning my bg had risen to an exceptional 16.8.
>That was after a modest breakfast of a small bowl of Bran Flakes, glass of
>orange juice and 2 large espressos.
>Am I prehaps experiencing a very slow and delayed response to the
>supposedly rapid Humalog?

As I said (or meant to say) in my first reply, you have to remember (maybe
you did anyway) that when you tested at 5.4 at 8am, you had  had no insulin
for 4 hours, so you needed to recover most (if not all) of that.  Or even
more than what you missed. It's the same when I go to the gym. If i've been
disconnected for an hour, and my Bg is 4.5 when I reconnect, I need to
bolus over a unit (even though I've only missed a
unit, and I've been exercising as well). In other words, I need to bolus
more than the amount I've missed. And that's not just a factor of exercise
- it's the same when I haven't been exercising. i think it's the same kind
of principle as needing proportionately more insulin to bring down a high
BG, the higher the BG is.
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