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Re: [IPk] Overnight basal

>I then woke up at 8am. I'd forgotten to reconnect my pump!!! So that was 4
>hours without insulin, and I'm on Humalog and a flat overnight basal of
>0.8. I bolused 6 units (I was about to have breakfast anyway). I checked my
>urine for ketones - nothing there. Then I checked my bg - 5.4.

Well,it wasn't really four hours without insulin, because the insulin was
going in until 4am, so some of that would have been working for the next 2
hours, if you see what I mean. And I recall you having said you can
disconnect for an hour without a noticeable BG change? (I know I can't do
that). Even so, I agree it's weird. Perhaps your overnight basal is too
high and you're hypoing and rebounding in the night? Or perhaps it was just
one of those weird occasions?  I know if I'm awake in the night, I need
less insulin, because I need more when I'm asleep than when I'm awake.
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