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[IPk] Overnight basal

I had a weird experience last night...

My wife is away for a few days, so I am looking after our 10 month old son
alone. He woke up at 4am crying. I lept out of bed, disconnecting my
infusion set to leave my pump in the bed where it normally lies loose. My
son was ok, but I took him back to bed with me and the two of us dozed back
to sleep quite easily.

I then woke up at 8am. I'd forgotten to reconnect my pump!!! So that was 4
hours without insulin, and I'm on Humalog and a flat overnight basal of
0.8. I bolused 6 units (I was about to have breakfast anyway). I checked my
urine for ketones - nothing there. Then I checked my bg - 5.4.

Hmmm... anyone care to suggest what was happening? I suppose I'd better
check my overnight basal requirements carefully.


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