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Re: [IPk] Accutrend meter

>>Roche don't sell their "Accutrend Sensor Complete" bg meter in the UK.
>>Therefore they don't sell in the UK the special strips that it uses
>>("Accutrend Sensor Comfort Glucose"). So you can't get any here.
>Hold on!

OK! Sorry if I'm wrong. I was merely quoting information from an article on
bg meters in Diabetes UK's magazine Balance dated Feb 2000. They did not
mention the "Complete" meter in their list of 17 meters... Perhaps things
have changed since then. The most advanced Roche meter metioned in the
magazine is the Glucotrend Premium, which uses Glucotrend strips, while
www.rochediagnostics.co.uk promotes the Glucotrend 2 as the latest meter
(which looks identical to what in Germany is called the Accu-Chek plus).
Confused? Yeah - me too.

>I have the BM Accu-Chek (sic) Complete, which is the US name for
>this meter. I get these test strips in Ireland with no difficulty, and they
>are provided by Roche from the UK.

Did you get your meter in Ireland, America or Britain? Do Roche have a
contract for the UK Department of Health to supply "Complete" strips free
under the NHS?


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