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[IPk] Accutrend meter

John wrote:  Christian -

Roche don't sell their "Accutrend Sensor Complete" bg meter in the UK.
Therefore they don't sell in the UK the special strips that it uses
("Accutrend Sensor Comfort Glucose"). So you can't get any here.

Hold on!  I have the BM Accu-Chek (sic) Complete, which is the US name for
this meter. I get these test strips in Ireland with no difficulty, and they
are provided by Roche from the UK. Ignore your chemist: they don't know
anything about it, so they don't want to find out. Ring Roche, tell them
what you need, argue with them until they agree to give you what you want,
and then do the same with the chemist.  I'm not joking: this works, and the
company will probably bend over backwards to help you. According to an
article in the Diabetes Federation of Ireland's magazine, _Identity_, Roche
are launching this machine in Ireland and the UK.

When you ring Roche, make sure you get names of people, and ask them can
they refer you to a chemist in your area. I bet there are people somewhere
around you using this meter and/or these strips.  There are 6 in the
Republic of Ireland! I found this out when there was a supply problem last
christmas from the UK, and I had to drive to Offaly in the midlands before
work on the 28th December. But at least I had my test strips, and the
chemists settled it up amongst themselves. The wholesaler, Uniphar, was
very helpful and supportive.

So fight your corner, Christian!

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