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Re: [IPk] Froehliche Weihnachten

>Hi everybody
>Should I call it emergency or survival training? Anyway I have run out of
>"Accutrend sensor comfort Glucose" blood sticks on Friday. Well, not
>entrirely, I got two left keeping them for an absolute emergency. I have got
>a second meter however being the same design. Usually my mother sends sticks
>to me from Germany. This time a fire destroyed three packages. So I was too
>late in ordering them. Sending them from Germany to Enland takes at least
>one week. I trieded to get them in 15 British Pharmacies without success.
>The sticks which are used in England have been off the market in Germany for
>a long time. They are simply oldfashioned. I asked weather they could order
>them for me, but each time I received a "NO". Over the weekend I just tried
>to guess what sugar level I've had but I will only realize when it is much
>to low or too high. For a diabetic with a pump pretty risky.  Is this a
>faliure of the British system or did just not act the right way?

Christian -

Roche don't sell their "Accutrend Sensor Complete" bg meter in the UK.
Therefore they don't sell in the UK the special strips that it uses
("Accutrend Sensor Comfort Glucose"). So you can't get any here.

If you want to get strips in the UK, you will have to use a meter bought in
the UK. There are 17 meters to choose from, from the following 5 companies:
Bayer: 01635 566 366
Hypoguard: 0800 371 957
Medisense: 0500 467 466
Lifescan: 0800 121 200
Roche: 0800 413 854

Take your pick!

In the meantine, go to your local doctor's surgery. I assume you are
registered with a local GP. Say "I have diabetes. I use an insulin pump. I
am unable to test my blood glucose level." The doctor *must* provide you
immediately with blood testing strips. Visual strips are fine in an
emergency - you don't need a meter. It is extremely dangerous to be on a
pump and not test your bg levels several times each day. The doctor knows
that and has responsibility for your health.

Are you still registered with a diabetes clinic in Germany, or in the UK?
If you are continuing to receive diabetes care from your German clinic,
then you will have to continue importing your supplies. I did that for a
while, when I first moved to Germany on a temporary employment contract. My
mother would post boxes of testing strips and insulin to me. Then one day
the postman arrived at the door in the snow with a box of insulin frozen
solid. Ruined. It was my fault: I should have realised. I had to chuck the
whole lot out. Luckily I had time to get some insulin from my local German
doctor, but there were a lot of forms to fill in at various offices. The
Germans make it especially hard for visitors to use their healthcare

Oh, and 'appy Christmas to you too :-)


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