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[IPk] I got my appointment!

---------------------- Forwarded by Elizabeth OShea/CSK/EUR/SmartForce on
12/29/99 02:44 PM ---------------------------

"Elizabeth/ Sonya" <email @ redacted>@innotts.co.uk on 12/29/99
11:49:00 AM

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Subject:  I got my appointment!

I received my letter from the clinic that does pumps, and I'm going in on
the 31st January.  As you may imagine, I'm very excited!  I'm also curious
because they didn't order any blood tests for me.  Perhaps they're just
having me in to tell me there's no way they'd give me a pump!  But I
shouldn't be a pessimist, and I don't really think they'd do that.  As you
may imagine, I'm very impatient for the 31st january to come 'round.

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