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Re: [IPk] nightime Bgs

> >Though I suppose being ill last week didn't help.
> Ah! That's more like it... what, mild flu-like symptoms? It's called flu,
> and full recovery - whether you have diabetes or not - can take many weeks.
> Even longer if you are experiencing a touch of post-viral depression. I
> rest my case! (but of course, you being super-woman couldn't possibly
> suffer illnesses like the rest of humanity ;-)

Oh, did I not mention? 
Yes, I was ill - nasty stomach bug thing which was a variant of the
flu going round. Doc thought I had appendicitis at first. I convinced
him I didn't (cos I refused to have appendicitis when I needed to
finish my PhD!) so he let me go with stern words about coming back if
the pain got worse. Turned out I was right :-) I took a day and a half
off work - what more do you want? 

> Sounds like what I suffered from for most of the 3 years that I was a
> student in Manchester... it came to be known as the Manchester sickness. A
> general weariness and malaise that never really cleared up until I left the
> city. I reckon your move to Sheffield could do you some good :-)

Hmmm, maybe, though it's never happened to me before in 8 1/2 years of
being here :-)
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