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Re: [IPk] nightime Bgs

>Went to bed with a BG of 7. Woke up this am with a BG of 17.
>Day before, went to bed with a BG of 7. Woke up with a nice 6.9.
>Today though, after correcting for the BG of 17 (fairly
>conservatively), I had a massive hypo 2 hours later.
>took 4 glucose tabs and 4 sugarlumps to get my Bg to 2.9.
>This seems to have been the story for the last month. I'm hoping it's
>just the aftermath of a lot of stress, but it's causing me even more

Hi Di -

In my 'umble opinion, I'd say that the mega-stress you've had lately is
number one culprit. Once you get settled back into your normal stress
levels, I guess things will be a more stable again. To me it emphasisies
that pump therapy is not a total solution - just the best one available.
All those anti-insulin hormones and binding agents can still wreak havoc
when they want to, and all our carefully honed algorithms just stop
working. I know you're a perfectionist, but take each day at a time, and
respond "conservatively"...

>I'm going to be working non-stop all over CHristmas so no rest for the
>wicked either :-)

Interesting bit in the Economist this week to bring some Christmas cheer...
apparently in type 1 diabetes, depression is a much bigger predicter of
coronary heart disease than high blood sugar levels...


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