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[IPk] stress, Bg levels, insulin and dancing!

Last night was the perfect example of how different types of stress
affect my BG, and how to cope with it on the pump!
I was organising and competing in a big dance competition.
The "running around like a headless chicken" type of stress" before
hand caused me to go a little low (not good when you're trying to
organise a competition!) - easily corrected with a couple of glucose
tabs and a temp. half basal rate for a couple of hours. Then once the
competition started, although I was dancing most of the evening, I
left my basal rate running at its usual rate, instead of half as I
normally do, since I knew the mental
stress of competing, and the adrenaline, would send me high. Result?
Tested halfway through - 7.5.
Tested at the end, at midnight - 6.7.
I couldn't have asked for better readings. And I didn't have anything
to eat for 12 hours, until I got home afterwards at 1am.
I could never have done that on MDI!
Oh yes, and the competition was the most successful ever - we made
money (very rare), more people came than ever before, more
universities came than ever before, everyone had fun, and I came 5th
in the Foxtrot! 

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