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[IPk] Results of Minimed Continuous Glucose Sensor

If anybody is interested, a colleague of mine, Mary Jean Renstrom, who
helps administer the US Insulin Pumpers list, has recently used the new
Minimed Continuous Glucose Sensor. She has written up her results, and they
can be seen at
(The bg results are in US units: mg/dL plasma glucose. Divide by 20 get the
UK units: mmol/L blood glucose)

She is a teacher by profession, and keeps her diabetes reasonably well
controlled with a pump. She was selected as part of a Minimed trial at her
local clinic. The up-shot is that she found she was having hypos during the
night caused by sudden drops in her bg and was sleeping straight through it.

She writes:

>On Wednesday, Dec. 1, 1999 I began a 72 hour test
>of the new MiniMed Continuous Glucose Sensor. The
>sensor reads glucose in interstitial fluid through
>a small cannula inserted under the skin, similar
>to an infusion set. The sensor is connected with a
>small electrical cable to an electronic device
>that you clip to your belt or put in a pocket. The
>device is about the same size as an insulin pump.
>It was comfortable to wear, most of the time I
>didn't even know it was there.
>Each time I tested my bg with my meter, I entered
>the results into the sensor as a calibration
>check. If the numbers had been vastly different,
>the sensor would have alarmed. My meter readings
>are the little squares on the graphs. I was also
>to enter an "event" any time I ate, gave myself
>insulin, or exercised. These events are recorded
>as symbols at the bottom of the daily graphs.
>Overall, it was a valuable experience. I was
>surprised to see the peaks and valleys between my
>meter readings. Most importantly, I have
>discovered that I have nocturnal hypoglycemia, and
>I sleep right through it. I'll be adjusting my
>basal rates to cover this.


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