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[IPk] hypoglycaemia

I mentioned in my previous post that I prepared a 'position paper' on the
benefits of the pump for my doctor.  In the course of doing this, I
discovered something very disturbing:

I took a 30 day sample period from this year and last year and compared
incidences of hypoglycaemia.  I did this because I had the feeling my BGs
had gotten worse.  I discovered that I had the same number of hypos during
the period in each year.  However, last year my lowest hypo was 2.5, but
this year I had _seven_ hypos of 2.5 or below - three of them were 1.8.  As
you may imagine, this upset me greatly and makes me even more eager to get
a pump.  I figure this fact in itself should help swing the issue my way.
Beware the evil Hypoglycaemia Unawareness Monster!  That's my line anyway.

I'll be posting my 'position paper' on the web in the next few weeks.  It
may be of use to anyone else exploring pump therapy.


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