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[IPk] visit with GP about new clinic referral

I visited my GP on Thursday, and he was wonderful!  I was very impressed
with him.  When I told him what I was there about he first told me I had to
talk to the consultant because he (the GP) knew nothing about them.  When I
explained that Chris Thompson wasn't keen on pumps and that therefore the
clinic at Beaumont didn't really support them anymore, he offered ot refer
me to another clinic (Richard Firth, the Mater) before I could even ask.
He also expressed his views on how doctors don't know everything, and how
some doctors can feel threatened by new things, especially if they're
presented by clients.  Wow!

I had drafted a 'position paper' on why I should get a pump, and I have to
ring him later this week about it.  After he reads it, he's going to ring
another GP he knows who has diabetes and discuss it with him (I posted this
paper with my referral letter.  It will be interesting to find out what the
new consultant thinks about it!).  He also suggested I send the ADA 1999
pump position paper to Chris Thompson, just to let him know what the
current situation is.  I must actually write that on my to do list...

I have to travel across the city to see this fella, (he's the local GP near
my partner's mother), but i won't be giving him up any time soon.


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