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Re: [IPk] Diabetes Update pump article

>But when I try to persuade him to switch to a more flexiblem regime
>such as MDI, he claims he doesn't need the flexibility because his
>lifestyle is fixed. but yet he is very envious of the freedom that I
>have on a pump. His attitude is "if you're a diabetic you have to eat
>breakfast, you have to eat on time, etc." rather than "Since I hvae a ifxed
>lifestyle i don't need any flexibility". I think  there are probabyl
>many people out there like that. Certainly many doctors are still
>sadly of this opinion.

Di - I understand and agree 100%.

If you could open your father's cage, and he chose not to come out, that is
clearly his right, but it fills me with intense sadness.

It concerns me greatly that doctors talk chiefly about glycemic control,
and rarely about quality of life. For me, my stabler bg's probably come
second to the immense increase in my quality of life, and improved sense of
freedom and wellness. But such things can't be easily measured on a numeric


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